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From New York - Princess of Rock & Roll to Euphoria State of Mind ..

When I started loving myself, I realized that the challenges I experienced, like breaking up my family, happened because I was broken inside. I’ll never forget that pivotal moment when I was in front of the judge and I had to decide if I am choosing to fight over money or fight over MYSELF. This is when I took the leap of faith and decided to step up in order to break through to new levels. I chose to concede “the battle” in advance, and instead of feuding in court and getting into a world of revenge and negativity - I invested my energy in my own happiness, and into a work of positivity. Resulting in reinventing myself as a “Love Activator”!

My 2020 journey that started with deep sorrow and regret, had led me to an epiphany. This revelation was the catalyst to first start “Euphoria State of Mind”, and most recently to understand that I am worthy of being a mentor in my own right. The work with my mentors taught me the true meaning of “to love and be loved in return”.

I’m inviting you to join me online on Tuesday January, 19th at 1pm EST for an intimate conversation, where I will be baring it all live in an honest open conversation..

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