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I'm Liat Berko, and I'm here to guide you through the storms of life, with a focus on healing and nurturing intimate relationships. I've traversed my share of personal crises, comprehending the unique challenges that arise from struggles like a lack of intimacy with your partner, relationship complexities, the loss of a loved one, or those moments when life feels aimless and disheartening.


Through my journey and extensive studies, I've cultivated valuable coping strategies and wisdom for healing and strengthening intimate connections. I've developed effective coping strategies from these experiences. Now, my unwavering dedication lies in sharing this knowledge and helping those in need. 

My mission is to guide you through the enchanting labyrinth of intimacy within loving relationships, drawing inspiration from the principles of self-love and 'Shlom Bayit' found in the rich Jewish tradition. I will equip you with practical tools that rekindle your inner passion and reconnect you with your authentic self.


Cognitive Thinking Studies of the ‘Yemima’ Method | 2021-2022

Moderator Instruction Certified, Israel

Landmark Education | 2007-2009

Completion of the Forum, Advance, Self-Expression Leadership, and Wisdom course, New York  & Brazil

Master in Organizational Psychology | 2000-2002

New York Institute of Technology, New York

 B.A. in Psychology |  1995-1999

The Open University of Israel, Israel



Your external world is a reflection of our inner world.

If you keep expecting it from the outside- You will stay frustrated forever...

I was there- and I was not quite, something was constantly missing.

I was stuck in situations, I was looking for help inside of me, and no therapist was really getting me.

I was betraying myself over and over, patching myself with stories.

I lived through that feeling for many years and I had to do something about it! 

This is when I jumped into the UNKNOWN and reinvented myself from scratch. I learned from the best inspiritual mentors in the world WHO I AM! 

I am here to inspire you to remember WHO YOU ARE to reconnect to your TRUE self, LOVE yourself with higher consciousness and teach you how to HEAL from within.

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