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Your Path to Self-Love, as a Bridge Between Tradition and Innovation.

Liat Berko is a dynamic force, leaving an impactful legacy across various domains. As a Relationship & Intimacy Coach, Liat dives into the complexities of intimacy within healthy relationships, anchored in the principles of self-love and 'shlom bayit' from Jewish tradition. Her insights don't just stay on paper; they empower you to enhance your relationships and create a more harmonious life.

Liat's approach is practical, bringing tangible transformations and a sense of fulfillment. Her lectures engage all senses, involving interactive activities, meditations, movements, and immersive experiences to solidify her teachings. Armed with a master's degree in psychology and training in Yemima method cognitive thinking facilitation, she's a Teacher & Coach who bridges psychology and spirituality and focuses on personal growth.

Enter Euphoria State of Mind, Liat's brainchild—a sanctuary of consciousness for happiness, self-love, and inner healing. Through intuitive lectures, workshops, online courses, and immersive retreats, Liat provides a practical toolkit for rediscovering your authentic self.

Liat's journey spans from the charm of Nice, France, to Israel and the bustling energy of New York. Armed with a bachelor's in Psychology and a Master's in Organizational Psychology, Liat's expertise is grounded in solid education. Now embracing Miami's warmth, she's well-equipped to guide you.

Beyond her coaching acumen, Liat is the visionary behind LBNY Productions—an architect of captivating experiences promoting top Israeli musical concerts. Her commitment to excellence and engagement sets the stage for remarkable events. Her portfolio boasts achievements like the "I Love Israel" projection on Times Square and the impactful "Shlomo Artzi" benefit concert at Madison Square Garden's Theater, drawing over 5,000 attendees and collaborating with 30 partner organizations.

Begin your journey today and embark on a pragmatic journey of self-discovery and transformation with Liat Berko—a bridge between tradition and innovation. Intuitive lectures, workshops, and transformative retreats await—a journey that helps you unearth self-love and embrace your true worth.

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