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The Melody of My Name

Our name tells us so much about who we are.

Name interpretation for Liat "Euphoria" bat Shmuel 'Sammy' & Ruthy

by R' Avraham Shira

July 2020

The name ​Liat​ is a modern Israeli name that literally means, “To me you are”​ which would mean, colloquially,

“Y​ou are mine.”

To the English speaker, the phrase, ‘​You are mine,’​ can sound possessive, perhaps even to the exclusion of another.​ ​If we transpose the voice of the speaker of the name to the Creator, then we have a new and beautiful idea expressed by God when he created the Priestly tribe. While giving inheritances of land in Israel to the tribes, He told the priests, “You are mine... “You will have no land... but the Holy Temple.” This signifies a very special sort of relationship, as if God is saying, “Li Aht. You are mine.” In other words, He was designating your soul as a teacher, which is the main function of the Kohanic tribe.

In Biblical literature, King Solomon’s T​ he Song of Songs i​ s considered the holiest of writings, and the phrase, ‘I am my beloved’s, and my beloved is mine,’ is a well known expression of prophetic poetry, describing the relationship of the Jewish people to God in terms of the love of a woman and a man.​ T​ his sentiment is expressed in the name Liat.

The Hebrew letters, ​lamed​, y​ud,​ ​aleph​ and t​ av​ are the numerical equivalent of 441. In ​Gematria, K​abbalistic numerology, that number corresponds to several fascinating concepts. Truth, ‘emet’​ in Hebrew equals 441 as well as ‘​gachelet’,​ a fiery coal, ‘ayalet’,​ a fawn, and ​‘gevulot’,​ boundaries. It is useful to think of numbers as gateways to ideas, or collectors of concepts. They suggest interrelationships between the ideas that relate to the name Liat.

Truth, as the numerical value of your name, clearly places this concept at the top of the hierarchy of your priorities. A flaming coal is the fire of truth in the heart. The fawn is a symbol of the Divine presence, extremely gentle and sensitive. And gevulot, boundaries, are the parameters of a self-defined lifestyle and personality that reflects your choices.

Since it was suggested to you that you have a connection with the Prophetess D​evorah​, a few words would be helpful. In the books of Reincarnation, we are told that our souls can be composites or combinations of other souls, especially at this late date in history. Devorah​ the Prophetess was known to give judgment to all Israel beneath a palm tree, so that all could see her and no one could dare suspect her of immodesty. She led the people when men were weak and confused about their connection to the Creator, and served the forces of the occult. She is credited with a holy song which appears in the Book of Judges. She was married, presumably with children, to a man called, L​apidot,​ literally ‘The Torch.’ She foretold an important victory over the Assyrians and led an army into battle.

​Devorah​ could be connected to the ‘sting of a bee’ because her words of truth and judgment were undoubtedly difficult for many to receive, considering the then current status of women in society.

The stage name ‘Euphoria’ implies a temporary state of consciousness, which certainly would apply to an inspirational speaker. I am not sure without knowing the material you give over, if that is the intent of your public speaking. A stage name becomes the gate through which people enter your life or leave it. It is something to check within and those who know and love you.

Finally, it is a challenge to live in the shadow of great people, but it is also the true way of becoming a great person. May God bless you with perseverance to achieve the self-discovery you have begun and bring ‘Euphoria’ to those you touch, to your family, friends and students.

Sincerely, Avraham Shira


Name Interpretation for Liat Berko
Download PDF • 129KB

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