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Open Heart vs Heart Wisdom

Is Opening our Heart to everything, to everyone without limits, good for us?

Wisdom of our Heart is to be attentive to the heart that speaks to us, its intuition, the feel of that specific moment that we recognize, with no resistance to reality or any other reasons. To believe that our heart is in a level of consciousness, and in full trust that what we feel, has not just arrived. It happened and was meant to be there, making us more attentive to 'the message' it holds for us.

How many times have we not been connected to our heart and yet we got into situations that hurt us and are not to our benefit. With trust, comes the belief that we probably had to experience that specific event in order to learn, and grow, otherwise, it would not have happened.

There is no coincidence in the coincidence ..Right? :)

How do we differ between innocence and good intention of Opening our Hearts, and how to listen to the Wisdom of our Heart...?

The answer is to recognize and get in tune with the sensation that goes through our bodies at the moment of the event.

Who is the judge? Me, and only me. If the feeling is light, uplifting, and flowing, it is a positive sign. On the other hand, if the feeling is heavy, negative, or like a black feeling- then the answer is very clear. Sometimes, we don't listen to ourselves even though we feel something- we still choose the opposite, and we are not fully attentive to the sounds of our hearts.


Because of the background noises, the doubt erupts and undermines us.


As we learn, filter, and observe into our consciousness, we slowly start to develop the Wisdom of our Hearts.

This brings us to the result with a sort of an energetic-sensory barometer. We learn to lead our life to precise actions in front of the events presented to us, and the deeper we pay attention, the more we learn to apply this knowledge to relationships with others, in our inner and outer circles, whether it's with a spouse, a parent, a child or a friend.

Secrets of the Blog: Be Attentive, Listen, Observe - All answers are within us

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