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Stories in my Mind

Can you know someone just by looking at him? I do. I get a feel, a vibe that can reveal to me some inside information about that specific person. By the way he moves, the pictures he takes, by the way he expresses himself on social media and by the way he looks at you & “your stories”.. I just know the vibrations he hold within him and I’m captivated. I want to know more and I embrace him into my life, my thoughts, my imagination...

Does that happen to you too, Sometimes, over social media? Coz it used to be in person Pre-COVID... but today, just by following you- I know you, or maybe just the images of what you like to display for me? so I don’t know you at all... but I do. Just playing in my mind and telling infinite stories, like we all do in our private place, in our imagination.. so what stories are you telling yourself today?..

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