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"Life Talks" is a sneak peak into my personal journey where I explore the dimensions of my being. Reflecting on my talks with the mentors, you will learn practical tools of their different methods.

I’m inviting you to fall in love with yourself, just like I did, by enriching your spirituality in a practical way with the most “inspiritual” mentors in the world!

Hosted by Liat Berko 

Euphoria Founder 

Positive Influencer, Spiritual Psychologist, Truth Believer, Soul Connector, Passionate Entrepreneur and Student of Life



Energy healer and intuitive counsel, guides towards life purpose and wellbeing through connection between mind, body and soul, exercising techniques of Reiki, Theta Healing, Crystal therapy, Accelerated Light Healing, Energetic Channeling, Chakra balancing, Past Life Regressions and EFT.

Tuesday Dec 22, 2020

Eleanor Tsor


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How to release trapped emotions, deep wounds, trauma and anger in particular? How to release blockages in life? Why do we feel pain? How does the body speak to us through our soul? Realizing that we have a soul and connecting to our higher self through meditation, listen to our soul through healing, through love, all done through talks, energy work, mediation, crystals and past life regression.

Analyzes name interpretation through Hebrew letters following the Kabbalistic protocol. Rabbi, Messianic, Therapist, Kabbalah and Meditation Teacher, Master of Sociology specialized in Family Therapy.

Tuesday Dec 29, 2020

Rabbi Avraham Shira


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Learn the power of the Hebrew letters and understand the power of our name interpretation according to Kabbalah. Explain how the energy we get from the Hebrew letters of our names defines our luck (the "mazal") and learn how to use them in Kabbalistic meditation.

Tuesday Jan 5, 2021

Shmuel Shaul


Tuesday Jan 12, 2021

Dr. Jack Tobol


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Step into your subconscious-self and learn how to heal yourself through exploration of your dreams and understand the messages from our subconscious. Learn how to be vulnerable and use pain management techniques to handle situations without being aggressive, rather than soft. Understand that softening your approach will keep you strong and help you hold on.

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How to approach health problems? How to treat or heal someone from a distance? What transformation happens when using energetic acupuncture? The 5 Elements Acupuncture opens the flow of energy in the body and removes blockages. Learn the secrets of the Chinese and how "1 Billion Chinese cannot be mistaken".

Sessions are about 40 minutes long, recurring every Tuesday at 1pm EST / 8pm IST / 10am PST

This is an exclusive one-time opportunity and only limited spots are available, so make sure to SIGN UP NOW to guarantee yours

Sessions will take place over Zoom. A unique link will be shared with those who RSVP’ed the evening prior to the session

Wish to attend but can't make the schedule work? Sign up to receive an exclusive link to the session recording.

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